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Player Count


Best With


Session Duration

60 Minutes


Groups of 2 $40pp

Groups of 3-4


Groups of 5+





Fear Factor 0.5/5

Not Designed To Scare

Contains Flickering Torchlight

About The Lost Treasure

After years of searching, Archaeologists have uncovered the location of King Hatu’s tomb. King Hatu is rumored to have possessed the Heart of the Desert, a mysterious gem said to contain mystical properties.

The team responsible for the discovery have determined the pyramid to be too unstable to enter, and have called upon brave souls to venture inside.

You won’t have long, the pyramid is unstable, and a storm is brewing.

Will you be the one to discover the Heart of the Desert?

The typical group escapes in approximately 54 minutes with 3 hints used. The overall success rate is around 55%.

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