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Eruption: A Floor Is Lava Game

Recommended Player Count


Session Duration

30 Minutes


Groups of 2-4 $30pp

Groups of 5+




Enclosed Shoes Required


Contains Flashing Lights

Can Be Physically Intensive

For safety purposes, activity has an 120kg limit

Arrive 10-15 minutes before your session.

Arriving late will cut your time short.

Under 18s require an adult to sign on their behalf.

Under 15s require an adult to stay onsite.

Onsite Parking Available

Use the shared driveway with Doors Plus.

All sessions are private.


You will not be sharing them with another group.

About Eruption

Eruption is a floor is lava inspired arcade game in which you can attempt a variety of challenging game modes. The number one rule is to not step on a red square, because the red squares are lava!

The game modes are designed for 2-8 players, however some game modes are better with a larger group. Ask your game master for advice on what level to choose for your group size!

Take it easy playing a relaxed level with 20 lives and up to 5 minutes, or push yourself with a challenge level with only 30 seconds with only 5 lives to complete the objectives!

Eruption is an evolving game and we will be updating and adding new challenging levels over time!

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