Newcastle Escape Rooms

Choose Your Next Indoor Adventure!

Our mission is to provide you with an immersive escape room experience. Our rooms are about adventure as much as they are about problem solving. Explore our rooms and try to escape in time!

Important Information

Arrive 15 minutes early

To fill out waivers, Covid record keeping and receive the briefing.

Pay online or by card

To help prevent the spread of Covid, we are currently operating cashless.

Use our onsite parking

If you are driving, the most convenient parking is onsite.

Call us if you have Covid-19 Symptoms

So we can work with you to keep everyone safe.

We Accept NSW Covid Safe Dine and Discover Vouchers

We accept Dine and Discover. We still require the minimum deposit, but will refund the portion of the deposit covered by the voucher. This process is usually quick but may take up to 7 business days.


All our Escape Rooms cost $35 per person.

A $35 deposit is required upon booking with the rest paid before your session.

We offer split payments for your convenience.

For event bookings, prices may vary. Please email for more information.

Choose Your Adventure

Journey Through Wonderland

Level 2: Intermediate

Family Friendly


Level 4: Expert

Start Separated

The Lost Treasure

Level 2: Intermediate

Dimly Lit

Difficulty Ratings

Level 1: Beginner – Great for first timers, families or groups looking for a more relaxed experience.

Level 2: Intermediate – Great for a challenging first time or if you have some escape room experience.

Level 3: Advanced – Great if you are looking for a bit more of a challenge in your escape room experience.

Level 4: Expert – Great if you are looking for a room that will take all of your skill to escape before time runs out!

Difficulty ratings are a guide only, and are based on completing the escape room. Most groups will be capable of solving puzzles in any difficulty of room, just not solving all of them in the time limit.


What is an Escape Room?

Our Escape Rooms are themed rooms where you and your teammates find clues to solve puzzles in order to successfully unlock the exit before the clock runs out. Escape rooms are typically best experienced in certain group sizes, and have a range of difficulty levels. You may request hints at any time from the game host via walkie talkie if you are having difficulty.

Can I bring more than the recommended number of people?

Our recommendations are based on the amount of puzzles and the size of the room. You can bring additional participants, but it will reduce the space for everyone to move around in and the amount of participation each person will get to do.

Am I really going to be locked in?

Our Escape Rooms are specifically designed so the way behind you is always unlocked if you need to leave the room for any reason. The entry door and subsequent doors are never designed to be locked behind you once you pass through them.

Is it scary?

Unless otherwise specified, our rooms are not designed to be the slightest bit scary! Each room will have a ‘Fear Factor’ listed that will list all potential scary elements in each room. Mostly this will include small spaces and dim lighting.

Each room will also feature a lot of unknowns going in, so the occasional surprise might exist, but none are designed to scare you, unless the room is listed as a scary one!

When should I arrive, what should I bring?

All players should arrive 15 minutes before your booked time.

We require fully enclosed, comfortable shoes for our escape rooms. We hope you will respect the room and not take pictures and spoil the puzzles for others, and we provide individually keyed lockers to store your valuables in.

Will I be playing with strangers?

No, all sessions are private group bookings. You will only be playing with the group you bring with you.

How long does an Escape Room last?

Each Escape Room can last up to an hour, after which you have lost the scenario! So you must try to escape before then at all costs!

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

We understand that plans change. With 48 hours notice, we can offer a full refund or reschedule your session within 30 days of your original booking, your choice. If you need to reschedule within 48 hours of your session, we will treat this on a case by case basis, but generally we will offer to reschedule your session within 30 days of your original booking only.

What if I have Covid-19 symptoms on the day?

Please DO NOT attend your session! Call us as soon as possible and we will offer to reschedule for when you are well, or, on a case by case basis, offer a refund.

Can I add an extra person to my booking?

You can definitely add extra people to your booking, it will cost an extra $33 per person for additional team members. Please note that our rooms do have recommended player numbers for a reason, and larger groups may struggle in the space.

Additionally, with Covid-19 restrictions, we need to ensure we do not exceed our maximum number of people on site, so please call before booking if your team exceeds the maximum bookable number.

What if someone doesn’t show up?

Escape room sessions are a minimum of 2 people, so as long as the minimum show up, you can still go ahead with your escape. Unfortunately no refund will be offered in the case of no-shows. If you are unsure if a team member will make it, book fewer members and add them on the day, letting us know what you think the maximum number of team members will be in the booking notes section so we can do our best to remain Covid-19 safe.

Can I play if… ?

I am under 18: Our puzzles may be more challenging to younger players, however in many cases they may be the fastest escapers! A parent or guardian must accompany participants under 18 but we do welcome all ages.

I am pregnant: Our rooms are definitely doable if you are pregnant. It is important to speak to a health professional or GP before playing if you have concerns.

I am petite: We have designed the rooms to be completed by most people, however if your entire team is unable to reach (but not necessarily see) a height of 160cm, you may have trouble.

I have a medical condition such as epilepsy or claustrophobia: Our games may cause issues for people with various medical conditions, we utilise LED lights and computer screens in Meltdown, and Journey through Wonderland may have some smaller spaces. Let us know when you book and we can ensure the best possible experience, but do speak to a health professional or GP before playing if you have concerns.

You are never locked inside our Escape Rooms, if you do need to exit for any reason, you can do so at any time.

It is my first time escaping, which room should I do?

Try our Journey Through Wonderland room. It has been designed with families and first timers in mind! It will provide a good challenge, without being too easy, and should be fun for everyone even if you get stuck!

Is there a hint limit?

We don’t limit the number of hints we provide, if you are stuck, we will give you a hint to help you along! Our escape rooms are just as much about experiencing an adventure as they are solving puzzles.

Can I bring my baby/toddler?

Our escape rooms are not designed for young children. There are many small parts and swallow-able things in the room. Some spaces in our rooms are not stroller suitable.

We are happy for parents to make a decision based upon their children, as they know them best! If you feel you can supervise your child and they will be alright in the escape room environment, bring them along. We have had multiple parents carrying their babies through our rooms who have had no issues with participating in escaping.

Are the rooms designed for kids or adults?

All of the puzzles in our escape rooms have been designed for adults to solve. We have found that most kids in high school are capable of contributing to most, if not all, of the puzzles in the rooms.

Our family friendly themes are designed to appeal to kids, whilst still challenging adults, so that there is something for the whole family to experience, even if not everyone can solve every puzzle!